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The workplace changed, so we changed with it.

Note: As of 7/27/2021, we are no longer offering Night In or Corporate Gifting.

On top of all the global health, political, and social complications of COVID-19, the effect this pandemic has had on our businesses and economy is unsurpassed by any other event in our lifetimes. Mom-and-pop shops are closing their doors, recent graduates are struggling to find employment, families are balancing at-home school and remote work. For many businesses—to be blunt—it’s do or die, it’s time to adapt, evolve, or “pivot” if you want a buzzword.

While the struggles imposed by COVID-19 should not be downplayed, the innovation born of it has been impressive. Massive companies like Shopify, Zillow, and REI have recognized the positive work-life-balance gained by working remotely. Startups like Voodle, (one of our team’s personal favorites), have been born out of a need for virtual collaboration and connection.  And here at Mystery we’re in the process of effectively launching our third business in 18 months!

Mystery started nearly two years ago (!!) as an app that connects people to all the best their city has to offer. Partnering with small businesses, utilizing Lyft’s API for transportation, playing on a desire for delight and surprise, that was our niche. COVID turned that model upside down and inside out. But—thankfully—we quickly leaned into our roots: using technology to create unique, magical experiences. Period. Over the last several months that’s turned from a Night Out on the town, to an at-home Night In* experience supporting dozens of at-risk businesses and nonprofits, to our latest twist: Mystery For Business. Our latest product brings surprise and delight to the corporate space with virtual events and corporate gifting solutions for remote teams.

As small businesses have adapted to survive, so have consumers. Date night means something different than it did six months ago, birthdays are celebrated in new ways, and contact is limited to those within your ‘COVID bubble’. We’ve made those changes too and are happy to offer our own solutions. But where we’ve seen one of the greatest struggles for evolution is in the workplace. You can write a report from any desk, give a virtual presentation from any computer, schedule meetings or chat about projects on hundreds of platforms. But culture, morale, and team cohesion  are a lot harder to create when you’re not sharing four walls. A recent survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management polling 2,278 HR professionals revealed that 65% of respondents stated maintaining employee morale has been an issue.  Enter Mystery. Remember that comment about surprise and delight? Turns out we can lean into that strength and bring it to work teams—regardless of how distributed you may be. With a soft launch only a couple months ago, we’ve already hosted virtual events and gifted thousands of Mystery boxes to dozens of companies. Without giving away too much (our name is Mystery, remember?), our bad*ss vendors range from freestyle rappers to brew masters, and everything in between.

A recent survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management polling 2,278 HR professionals revealed that 65% of respondents stated maintaining employee morale has been an issue.

Mystery for Business leverages our vast network of activity experts, our team of experience  designers, and all the magic and mystery our tech crew can muster to make working remotely fun again. New employee or promotion to celebrate? We have curated Team Gifting options for that. Video happy hours growing stale? Our Virtual Events are guaranteed crowd pleasers. Struggling to measure those soft metrics like team morale and employee happiness? Want to track what team bonding activities are happening and ensure quality and consistency across those efforts? Meet Mystery Enterprise (coming soon, stay tuned!).

Meet your employees where they are, our team handles the logistics.

It’s been a wild ride this year and the future is unknown to everyone. But we’re pretty dang proud of the work done to overcome and grow with it all. Want some help improving morale and cohesion at your company? I know a guy who can help.

*With more than half a million dollars back into the pockets of small businesses during COVID-19, we are no longer offering Night In as of 7/27/2021.

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