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Partner Spotlight: Bobby

"Who you partner with in general is everything. From our earliest investors, the friends who helped get things off the ground, and to the kickass team I have today, every ounce of Mystery's success lies in the people who make it happen." — Shane Kovalsky, CEO of Mystery.

Our founder said it best, and this holds true with everything we do, including picking our Mystery Virtual Event hosts. We seek out the best doers and makers of their crafts and the partner we're highlighting this month, Bobby, is nothing short of that.

Mystery Virtual Event host, Bobby.

Bobby is a Seattle Native who we connected with after hearing all the hype about what he does really well: Beer. Bobby doesn't just know beer, he's an expert in it. He's one of only a handful of Advanced Cicerones in the world (pretty impressive) and has taught thousands of bartenders, restaurant owners, and ordinary people all about beer. As much as we admire his extensive knowledge and certifications, there's something even bigger we love about him: He's a hospitality first guy.

When asked what he loved most about hosting Mystery events, Bobby said, "I feel absolutely honored when people get out of their comfort zone to learn and experience new things, especially when they end up discovering something new they enjoy." Creating memorable experiences is what gets the folks at Mystery out of bed every morning, so for us to find partners who value the same is truly where the magic happens.

We love working with Bobby, so much so that we've asked him to host other Mystery Virtual Events (completely unrelated to beer, because he's just that good). We think the feeling is pretty mutual ♥

"I find that the events I host with Mystery are precisely aligned with who I am as a person. With that in mind, my mantra is to simply be myself, which allows me to very easily let loose, engage with my event participants, and have fun.

You know it’s a good gig when you’re having as much fun as the clients, and I always have a blast hosting for Mystery."  

Bobby is just one of the incredible hosts that make the magic happen during Mystery Virtual Events. Our team vets each and every one of our hosts and takes the "quality over quantity" cliché very seriously when we seek out those relationships. Cheers to Bobby for being a key piece of the Mystery puzzle!

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