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Our Tried and True Virtual Event Favorites

When we set out to build Mystery For Business, it was truly an all hands on deck effort. Creating an all new product from the ground up in a few months time meant full grind mode as we sought after the best of the best in virtual experiences. What exactly did that look like? Team happy hours— and a lot of them. Our team spent countless hours testing out the most obscure interesting virtual events we could find. From early morning team classes, to (virtually) meeting hosts in different countries, we did it all. We adapted what felt right and weeded out what didn't make sense for Mystery.

Attending dozens of culture building events a week wasn't necessarily part of our job descriptions, but we weren't complaining! Testing these events brought our team closer together (like, really close) and we vetted some amazing experiences during it all. It's easy for us to understand how integral culture building is now that we've dived deep into it.

One of the biggest takeaways we found from all this testing was how each event resonated with different members of our team. From the introverts to the extroverts, the supply team and the engineers, everyone found their jam. Talking with a few of those on our team, we're highlighting a few  favorite virtual events we would do again and again if we could (yep, they're that good). It was hard to narrow down, but these were a few of the standouts.

Matt—Sales Team, Austin, TX.

Matt works with our clients to match them with the perfect events or gifting options for their size, budget, etc. Needless to say, he knows the details about all the virtual events we offer. His personal favorite? Our Caricature Sketching Class.

Describing the instructor as "A1", this event was most memorable for Matt because he walked away with a pretty rad keepsake—a caricature portrait of himself drawn by one of his fellow teammates. The best part is that the portrait has stuck around as Matt's Slack profile photo.

Emily—Account Manager, Seattle, WA.

Emily manages all the day-to-day details to make sure Mystery For Business events and deliveries run smoothly. She is key to making all the magic happen. The Cicerone Led Beer Tasting was the virtual event on the top of her list. Not sure what a cicerone is? Think of it as a sommelier for beer, and they know their stuff. She loved the instructor's ability to answer questions while also organizing games throughout to keep everyone engaged.

Nico—Engineer, Seattle, WA.

Like most engineers, Nico does a lot of the behind the scenes magic that helps keep Mystery mysterious. While spending a majority of the day heads down doing all of the coding things, team events are a chance to take a break and get to know other coworkers beyond the engineers he works closely with.

Nico's favorite event so far was the Freestyle Rap Session. He says, "This is something I don't think I could realistically schedule on my own. (I also happen to be a huge fan of freestyle rap, so I'm a bit biased)." We couldn't agree more, this concert-style event is unlike anything else and is a crowd pleaser, but definitely scores some extra points for those who already love rap.

These are just a sampling of the tricks we have up our sleeve. Our team is continually testing and adding new virtual events to our catalogue (including a few already in 2021!). Schedule a call with our team here to run through all of our event options and give 'em a try with your own team.

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