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Boosting Team Morale In The New Year

Our Guide to Corporate Culture in 2021.

For many—if not most—2021 is looking like another year of remote work. While we had the bulk of this year to perfect our home office spaces and the art of virtual backgrounds, there are certain aspects of WFH life that have proved to be a bit more difficult to adjust to. Team connectedness and company culture are two areas that have taken big hits since the onset of COVID-19 and the shift to remote work. A recent survey showed that 60% of employees felt less connected to their coworkers since predominately working from home.

This year has been a whirlwind of changes and adapting, maintaining culture might not have been at the top of your to-do list. But things like celebrating team wins and crossing employee milestones are still relevant; in fact, taking time to recognize these moments is probably more important than ever.

60% of employees felt less connected to their coworkers since predominately working from home.

Our team at Mystery knows this first hand: We've onboarded new employees, reached company goals, and celebrated coworker birthdays from our living rooms. We've learned culture is not something that needs to be compromised in the world of remote work. The start of the coming year is the perfect opportunity to both evaluate how your culture is performing remotely or kickstart new norms for connection and team cohesion. So, as we look forward to 2021, we're laying out a few ways to leverage Mystery For Business to keep teams productive, connected, and happy in the new year. Consider this your subtle nudge to think ahead!

Recommit to Your "Why"

Teams thrive when everyone is working towards a clear and unified goal. Taking time to communicate that goal and reminding your team of their "why" with an intentional package can do just that. Including things like a letter from your team lead + thoughtful gifts that embody your vision, brand, and goals will rally the group and remind them of what they are striving for—together.

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Holiday Hangover

Let's be honest, work usually isn't our top priority during the holidays. It's easy to put projects on the back burner as we all take a few long weekends and extra days off. Coming back online after some time away can bring on the dreaded Sunday Scaries (think we can all agree we'd love to avoid that at all costs). Striking up some excitement the week after the holidays will boost the mood and make the transition back feel a little lighter. Try starting the first week back with a virtual comedy show or a meditation lunch break. Bringing everyone together to share an experience will boost communication within the group and help rid some of the anxieties of getting back to work.

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It's Review Season

The end of the year often means time for employee reviews and evaluating metrics. If your team smashed their goals or a coworker is getting a well-deserved promotion, this is something worth celebrating—even if you can't all grab a pitcher (or two) of margaritas. Showing appreciation is important for ensuring team members feel valued and in turn will increase employees commitment to their work. Coming up with unique ways to celebrate team and employee milestones can be a challenge when we can't celebrate "together". Lucky for you, we have a ton of unique ways to show some love to your team whether that's through a virtual event all together or a curated gift sent to their home.

Need to please a crowd? Our account managers are phenomenal—to say the least—they'll manage all the logistics so you can enjoy the celebrating!

Mix Things Up

Sometimes less is more. Studies show, even lower involvement culture-building events can drastically improve team connectedness. For the introverts on your team, large-scale, high involvement events (even when virtual) can be overwhelming. Virtual games or less structured activities can drive similar impact to more hands-on activities. Start the new year off by deciding a good cadence for team events for your specific team. Planning ahead and deciding a routine for culture-building events will allow you to make time for both hands-on and hands-off events that appeal to everyone.

Feeling inspired to get something going for you and your team? Let's make it happen—fill out the interest form or learn more about Mystery For Business here.

Note: As of 7/27/2021, we are no longer offering Night In or Corporate Gifting.

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